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The Trifecta of Health. Angie Sadeghi, Dan Holtz, Matt Bennett

The Trifecta of Health

ISBN: 9780578570617 | 192 pages | 5 Mb
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  • The Trifecta of Health
  • Angie Sadeghi, Dan Holtz, Matt Bennett
  • Page: 192
  • Format: pdf, ePub, fb2, mobi
  • ISBN: 9780578570617
  • Publisher: BookBaby
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Books download epub The Trifecta of Health by Angie Sadeghi, Dan Holtz, Matt Bennett (English Edition)

Advancing mental and physical deterioration are not inevitable consequences of the aging process. By combining bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with a plant-based diet plan and sensible exercise programs, the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers' Trifecta of Health protocols provide authentic viable answers to our most pressing health challenges.Should our life's goal be to reach old age, or to actually enjoy it? In the Trifecta of Health, renowned gastroenterologist Dr. Angie Sadeghi and health expert Dan Holtz provide actionable, innovative guidance on diet, hormone rebalancing, and exercise to help us all turn back the hands of time and live healthier more vital lives. From weight loss to reducing (or even eliminating) pharmaceutical dependency, from increasing overall strength and energy to combating our most feared diseases, the lifestyle, nutritional and science-based insights in this book can make the difference between merely surviving and thriving as we grow old.

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